Online Gallery

The online Gallery offers visitors the opportunity to view all the submitted work for the ADCN Awards; the Dutch professional awards for creativity and craft in Advertising and Design.



Judging Criteria
In Advertising and Design, judges are asked to consider three things. In order of importance:
· Is the idea original and inspiring?
· Is it exceptionally well executed?
· Is it relevant to its context?
In Craft categories, like Photography, work is judged primarily on the strength of the specific craft. The Grand Prix is awarded to the most ‘game changing’ and groundbreaking work that opens new doors, changes the world of communications and sparks new ways of thinking.


Judging Days

The professional jury and ADCN’s members jury will judge your work online from 1 – 10 February 2016. The professional jury will judge shortlisted work on 18 February 2016, resulting (together with the members jury results) in final nominations and winners.



Enter the ADCN Awards 2016, the Dutch professional awards for outstanding creativity & craft in advertising & design.

Get Ready
Make sure you are awards-ready by reading the manual. It has loads of useful information on how to enter including categories, entry fees, rules and eligibility.

You first need to register with ADCN to enter your work. Registration is free and quick, you do not need to be a member of ADCN.

If you know your categories, entry criteria and file specs and formats for upload then you’re ready to enter the ADCN Awards 2016.

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The ADCN Archive is the digital collection of the greatest work in advertising and design of the Netherlands. It is open for everyone and contains all awarded and nominated work from 2006 to 2016. Each year the most recent work is added.